Corporate/Special Events

Looking for a performance that’s SFW (safe for work) and will leave the audience in stitches? Philip Volonino offers interactive, high-energy and entertaining corporate shows filled with magic and comedy.

Phil offers custom-tailored packages featuring corporate and special event magic and comedy. Starting from illusions to card tricks to making people laugh, Phil is capable of that all. There is actually no need of extra props when it comes to entertaining the crowd, as Phil’s presence is enough to make the crowd cheer for more.

Phil has packages designed for every corporate event. Phil’s packages are affordable and this is one of the reasons why all corporate sectors can call him for entertainment. The magician is even capable of coming up with theme-based programs. While making everyone laugh in the auditorium, the man can swiftly send a message among the crowd.

Corporate Message

Every program can be tailored with respect to client’s need and philosophy. The message sent through by Phil will, in fact, help you in representing your brand perfectly. Phil is extremely professional and ensures that a client’s needs are fulfilled at any cost.

If you wish to know more about Phil, then you can go through our other pages and see how the man is capable of even entertainment in even children parties, and family shows. The man is versatile and has sets of jokes separated for every event. With Phil at your side, you will be insured with a night full of laughter, entertainment, jokes, and mingling.

If Phil is what you want for your upcoming corporate event, then we would urge you to make that decision and contact us through email or call. We would be delighted to talk to you and work on the details to make your corporate event a memorable one.