Children’s Parties

Would you like to turn your child’s next party into a truly special occasion? Philip Volonino is sure to brighten up your child’s event with awe-inspiring magic and laugh-until-it-hurts comedy.

Coming at you straight from Chelmsford, MA, Phil has been entertaining families and children in the Merrimack Valley and throughout New England for years. He is known for his ability to thrill kids and amuse adults with his unique combination of magic and humor.

Check out Philip’s entertainment packages and services to see which one is right for your next event!

Learning Through Magic

For all his focus on fun, Phil knows that entertainment can be educational too. In fact, a children’s magic show is a perfect opportunity to teach lessons in math and science. From card tricks to disappearing acts, he uses magic as a medium to demonstrate basic STEM Principles in ways that kids never get to see in class. It’s so fun, they don’t even realize they’re learning!

So, the next time you’re planning a party, add some education, amazement, and entertainment with a children’s magic show. Phil’s performance is sure to turn your party into an enjoyable event for all.

Private Magic Lessons

Have you ever wanted to learn magic? Well, using children’s magic shows as a way to deliver science and math lessons isn’t the only way that Phil loves to teach. He also offers private lessons right in your own home. Just give Phil a call, and after a few sessions you could be the star of your next magic show!

Phil is a trusted performer and accomplished magician who will create a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests. He currently performs several times a week in public and private venues, and regularly appears in local comedy clubs.

Contact Philip today, and turn your next event into a show that dazzles and delights!