Adult Parties

Do you want to laugh like you were a kid again? You know – the doubled over, stop-before-I-pee-myself kind of laughing. Well, that’s Phil’s specialty. In fact, getting grown-ups to act like kids is his best magic trick of all!

It’s Always a Good Time to Laugh

Adult Stand-Up Comedy and Magic is the perfect solution to break away from this seriousness and relieve yourself through laughter. Once you start laughing, you would not be able to stop and Phil makes it a point that you laugh to your heart’s content with non-stop humor which you would be able to relate to.

De-stressing after a busy day at work, enriching yourself with positive energy through laughter is required to go on with the busy lives that adults live. This act is specially designed to amalgamate both comedy and magic to not only surprise and amaze you with the tricks but also to put the much-needed smile on your face. Put all your worries and stress behind and enjoy the company of like-minded people, while savouring the humorous tricks which ensure you a detour from the dramatic real life.

Phil for Every Occasion

So, the next time you need to add an awe-inspiring twist and inject some positive energy into your event, call Phil at (978) 420-7750 or email: today – but be prepared to leave your serious side at home and laugh ‘til it hurts!

Hire Phil, to live life lightly for a while and fill yourself with the much-needed positive energy which enriches you with an alternative perspective on life. Phil takes special effort to make you smile so that your life becomes a bag full of happiness. The act is a perfect mixture of adult humour with exciting magic acts, which ensures unmatchable entertainment.