About Phil

Philip Volonino will dazzle you with entertaining performances that are filled with miraculous tricks and rib-busting comedy. He offers a wide range of performances, shows and packages that are tailored for public and private venues, and feature family-friendly or NSFW content that’s appropriate for your audience. Located North of Boston, Phil delights audiences throughout New England with his unique combination of magic and humor.

Phil attended McBride Mystery and Magic School, a prestigious Las Vegas-based teaching academy with a 25-year history of producing expert entertainers and award-winning magicians.

Always Something Up His Sleeve

Having established long-standing relationships with many of his clients, Phil frequently performs in their homes, and is a beloved annual tradition for many families. He’s a favorite for kids’ birthday parties, but he’ll put an adult twist on his jokes and tricks to keep the laughter rolling whether you’re at a corporate event or a bachelorette party.

Teaching through Magic

For all his focus on fun, Philip knows that entertainment can be educational too. In fact, a children’s magic show is a perfect opportunity to teach lessons in math and science. From card tricks to disappearing acts, he uses magic as a medium to demonstrate basic STEM Principles in ways that kids never get to see in class. It’s so fun, they don’t even realize they’re learning!

And…if you think there’s a bit of magician in you, give Phil a call for a one-on-one magic lesson. From cards and coins to magic hats, he’ll have you performing tricks that amaze your family and friends in no time!

A One-Man Institution

Phil has been entertaining throughout New England for years, and is well-known and respected for his talent and character alike. Whether you’re hiring him for a children’s magic show or a comedy act for grown-ups, you can depend on him to provide top-notch entertainment that’s right for your audience.